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Bubblegum europop, with a hint of rock chick and nostalgia. Meet Melanie Valentine. A voice for the misunderstood , and overlooked. Get taken on a journey of personal growing pains , love, friendships, life lessons, heartaches, and loss through Melanie's  light hearted with big messages approach to story telling through  her catchy sparkly pop tunes.


Single number 1 "VHS Tape" was released Nov 1st 2019, and is still getting discovered by new ears.

The debut was followed by a couple of demo tracks that were a spontaneous unofficial release decision during the early stages time window of the 2020 pandemic as a way to stay creative , and begin building some more DIY recording skills to follow guidance from some musical peers. Mid 2020 Melanie released  her 2nd official studio single BALLOON in collaboration with Lithuanian Synth Pop producer Victor Grey .The single BALLOON dropped 04/07/20 and has a music video , anime music video , and lyric video currently available to the world while things still very restricted with the Pandemic in her home state of VIC, Australia.

Melanie is finding ways to keep work momentum going with her producers, throughout pandemic interference obstacles and has a scheduled interview with The Bizz With Johnno in September 19th 6:30pm AEST for future works discussion, and a musical performance livestream.




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Release + Track Description and Info

Melanie's next single titled "Never Backing Down" is an anthem for anyone who has ever been bullied, or conditioned by toxic company to have false beliefs (and therefore resulting in lack of belief in yourself) that lead you to feel like people want to see you fail, rather than get behind you and disallowing you to be that support you need from within yourself,  before those who will support you can find you. 


The song was written from drawing from Melanie's own personal traumatic battle with school bullies and subconsciously  once addictive bad taste in former friends over the years.