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Meet Melanie Valentine. A voice for the misunderstood , and overlooked. Get taken on a journey of personal growing pains , love, friendships, life lessons, heartaches, and loss through Melanie's  light hearted with big messages approach to story telling through  her catchy sparkly hyper pop tunes.


Single number 1 "VHS Tape" was released Nov 1st 2019, and is still getting discovered by new ears recently getting a mention in early 2021 by girlfest music blog. Valentine's vocal performance is both raw, sometimes edgy, and vulnerable with a likeness to voices like Natalia Kills, MUNA, and 80'spop icons Kim Wilde, and Wendy James to name a few.

The debut was followed by a couple of demo tracks that were a spontaneous unofficial release decision during the early stages time window of the 2020 pandemic as a way to stay creative , and begin building some more DIY recording skills to follow guidance from some musical peers. Mid 2020 Melanie released  her 2nd official studio single BALLOON in collaboration with Lithuanian Synth Pop producer Victor Grey .The single BALLOON dropped 04/07/20 and has a music video , anime music video , and lyric video currently available to the world while things still very restricted with the Pandemic in her home state of VIC, Australia.

Melanie appeared as a guest on a livestream interview with The Bizz With Johnno in September 19th 6:30pm AEST for future works discussion, and a musical performance livestream.

This lead up to release of Never backing Down an anthem for the heavily bruised but resilient; to build themselves back up after bullying, emotional abuse in a relationship, or facing a time in their life where they feel rejected and not enough. It's a nod to 90s and early 2000's teenpop that Melanie grew up with stylistically and also sonically and worth a listen. It was then remixed by a USA producer named David Rogers. so take your pick! Teen pop or club house banger.

Since then, Melanie has been focussing on completing more of her music with her producers for releases in 2021,  jumped on a call with Aussie Bachelor Girl fame legend Tania Doko to brain pick her and ask about her services for artists, and is ready to kick off releasing in the near future all while working on getting her health in a better place and caring for an autistic soon to be primary school child, preschooler, and cheeky 1 year old. 

"Health is a huge priority for me right now , not just because of my worries regarding the pandemic being asthmatic with other health issues, but also for my general well being and mental health to have some proper self care this year because with kids it can be so easy to get overwhelmed when life catches up to your fast paced stop and go lifestyle, and you have extra responsibilities you keep putting before yourself as a parent wanting to give your kids everything. I am learning though it is hard to give them a consistent best self when I am running on empty and emotionally and physically burnt out so it's something that is super important to me. Definitely want to encourage self care for everyone as not being shoved aside or seen as selfish because really it's quite essential to anyone to be able to get on with things and keep themselves going in life." - Melanie Valentine




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2021 January Girlfest shoutout on instagram @girlfestmusic



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2019 print and digital feature in Beat Magazine

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Melanie's next single Worth The Wait explores conflicting emotions within for procrastinators and those struggling with time management, as result of going through a mental health decline. "It's like you're so excited to be somewhere but one tiny thing could ruin your whole mood and the energy you carry so it takes a lot to psyche yourself into just getting out the door or you'll end up sad and alone, so you have to make yourself remember you are not a burden, and just need to feel good and confident with whatever works for you to be in a happier headspace, and that's ok". Melanie hopes this release will be a light hearted discussion opener for the link between how we feel about ourselves superficially impacting our every day if we let it, when there are more important things than stuff we worry about like our hair sitting right, or an outfit completely matching .